Infant blanket and wrap set 

Baby comforter

Baby clothes

Infant blanket

Wet mat

Material: 100% cotton

Package: baby comforter 1 piece, baby clothes 1 piece, blanket 1 piece and wet mat 1 piece

Features of products

1. Fine long-staple cotton material: soft, skin-friendly and free of stimulation. 

2. The baby comforter is designed with protruding tricorne, for good protection of the baby's fontanels.

3. Fine workmanship with smooth and delicate stitching, without thread residue and no burrs.

4. Soft hook Velcro, convenient and safe, ensures not to fall off when baby sleeps and plays.

Size reference/cm

Baby comforter: 95×70

Blancket:  83×80

Wet mat: 46×23

Baby cloth: 

Length: 32

Sleeves: 22.5

Chestline: 52