CE2195/EN ISO134852012/ISO13485:2003

Technical Parameters:

1. Negative Pressure Vacuum Pump

  • Model: VAC400

  • Voltage: DC12V

  • Road Current: Not more 1.0A

  • Power: Not more than 10W

  • Flow: Not more than 8.0L

  • Relative Vacuum degree: Not less than 400mmHg

2. Adjustable Scope: 10mmHg

3. Negative Pressure Range: -50mmHg- to-450mmHg;      

   Pressure Error Indication:  +-0.2%

4. Suction Flow: 1.5L/min - 10L/min

5. Time Control:  time setting error: +-5%

6. Noise: not more than 45dB

7. Lithium Battery Pack: 

  • Model: 18650/2S3P/6600mAh/7.4V

  • Capacity: 6600mAh

  • Voltage: 7.4V;   Flow: 1320mA

  • Charging Voltage: 8.4V;  Charging Current: 3300mAh

  • Operating Temperature:  Charging: 0 - +45degree centigrade. Discharging: -20 - +60 degree centigrade

8. External Power Supply: 

  • Model: ZF120A - 1205000

  • Input: 100-240VAC  2A  50/60Hz    Output: 12VDC5A

9. Operation Mode: Continuous and Intermittant

10.Size: 365mm×300mm×310mm    

   Weight: 2.84Kg


1. Ultra-low negative pressure design: -50mmHg to -450mmHg, which is continuously adjustable.

2. Intelligent designs and multiple operation modes settings make it more practical:

  • Controlled by microcomputer chip, which enables it more accurate and user friendly.
  • The intelligent memory system can automatically record the parameters and modes in the last setup, avoiding repeating recording.
  • LCD digital display makes it easy for users to ajust and operate.

3. Stable performance and long service life: it can serve more than 10,000 hours of continuous operation.

4. Noise cancelling design: noise is controlled less than 45db when operation. 

5. Multiple safety solutions of power supply:

  • AC/DC power supply: the host adopts full DC power, avoiding any danger of electric shock.
  • The built-in spare battery acts as stand-by for power failure, which  lasts for 4 hours operation. In intermittent mode it can last for 8 hours.
  • 12V 5A car DC power supply can also be utilized to contine negative pressure drainage, when being transferred or going out.

6. Multiple safety protections:

  • Overflowing alarm
  • Automatic gas-leak alarm
  • Automatic overheat prevention

7. Wide adjustable range of negative pressure settings enable the device to appropriate to use in various altitudes and environments. 


Upper of the device

Left side of the device

Right side of the device

Decibels measure

Operating in -150mmHg negative pressure, the decibel 5cm away from teh device is 11.4db.​​​​​​​

Filter and joint pipe

One-way fliter paper and water-blocking filter material, which is made of a kind of chemical that can swell and block immediately in water

Overflow protection device

The level sensor equipped in the device enables it automatically stop in service and alarm when the percolate in canister reaches the warning line

Laser marking image-text explanations on the body and the cover of the the canister, making it convenient for operator.

Hand shank and the bottom of the device.

Air vent

The built-in air cleaner purifier is in service.


What is included in the dressing kits?

The kit is composed by the following:

  • Disposable NPWT Pad
  • Disposable Drainage Tube
  • PU Film Dressing
  • PU Foam Dressing
  • Connector


1. Debridement undone or wound with the necrotic eschar.
2. Wound with tumor tissue.
3. Sinus connected with the organs.
4. Wound with great vessels or organs exposed.

​​​​​​​VIDEOS of the Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Device