CE0499 / ISO9001:2008 /  ISO13485

China sciential property right invention patent ZL011084596

New pattern utility patent ZL042328484

UWI-E debridement machine is an ultrasound device for wounds treatment, which generates 40Khz ultrasonic wave power and magnifies it through a transducer. The power is carried via the handle piece probe, and conducted to human tissue & work on the wounds through medical normal saline. The purpose is to fast remove the necrotic tissue, bacterium, debirs, fibrin slough, etc. from the wounds, and keep wounds surface fresh to promote wounds healing.

The disadvantages and problems of Traditional debridement methods:

1.High pressure washing: 
- It damages the washed tissue, and taking a risk to bring bacteria into deep tissue.         
- Large consumption of water, on the average,it consumes above 1200~3000ml/min water for both high pressure and pulsed irrigation debridement. E.G. the China made MZ-1 washer: 3L/min; DCQ-Z electric wounds debrider: 2.5L/min; YZ-1 dual-purpose wounds washer: 2~2.5L/min; and US military used Water Pit pulsed irrigation washer: 1200ml/min。
2. And low pressure irrigation washes the wounds with even much more water . 
- Debridement efficacy uncertain. Because of the small size of bacteria(diameter of 1um bacteria ball, 2~5um long for the bacteria stem, and 0.3~1um wide), low hydraulic drag, it is difficult to be removed by water washing. And cleaning the wounds by gauze increases infection rate 40%~70%.
3. Surgical debridement: painful and a lot of tissue removal, unsuitable for repeated operation.

4. Enzymatic debridement: allergic reaction

5. Chemical methods:suffer of pain

An efficient and painless replacement —Ultrasonic Wound Debridement

Ultrasound wound debridement can overcome the disadvantages all the above, and promote the wounds recover and heal
Low frequency ultrasonic assisted debridement, compared with traditional sharp debridement methods, it comes with the following advantages: -small damage(no damage to the healthy tissue) -less blood loss(the ultrasound power acting on the wound surface has the effect to cavitate the water in the surface vessels, and reaches the purpose of reducing blood by blood vessels automatic contraction) -painless -efficiency in removal or killing surface bacteria, etc.

How Does It Work?


The 40kHz low frequency ultrasonic vibration for wound debridement generated in the UWI ultrasound device, which is magnified and transmitted to human tissue via the special horrow titanium probe of handle piece, with medical normal saline as a carrier. When the probe contacts with human body, the vibration causes molecules to oscillate, and micro-sized gas bubbles are created in tissue and surrounding fluids and constantly implode. The periodic burst of micro bubbles can generate up to tens or even hundreds of MPa pressure, and cause high speed microjet.

The process and phenomenon is called cavitation effect, which results in destruction of tissue close to the bubbles. This transient cavitation emulsifies devitalized tissue because of the weak tensile strength of necrotic tissue. As a result the necrotic tissue, infected cells, fibrin slough and biofilms are easily removed by the low frequency ultrasonic power,while the normal tissues unite so tightly that the low frequency ultrasound power of the device couldn't destruct it. The membranes of healthy tissue simply move with the oscillation instead.

Technical parameters

Host output power: 18-100Khz

Ultrasonic working frequency: 40 KHz±10 KHz. It can be automatically tracked.

Power consumption: < 200W

Output power: 15w

The maximum liquid flow: <200ML/MIN

Handle outer diameter: 32mm
Handpiece amplitude: 80-100micron meter

Working conditions

Power: a.c.100-240V AC, 50Hz/60HZ, not exceeding 250VA
Liquid temperature: 0-30℃
Working temperature: 0-40℃
Relative humidity: ≤80% RH
Atmospheric pressure: 860Pa - 1060kPa

Fuse: rated current F3.15AL250V  5*20mm

Timing: < 99m 59s.

Preset control time: 5min, error ≤2s.

Anti-Shock type: type I

Anti-shock level: BF

Foot pedal water-proof type: IPX1

External dimension: 300×360×145

Weight: 4.5KG.

Model No.: UWI-E

Certificate:  CE0499 / ISO9001:2008 /  ISO13485