Ultrasonic Wound Debridement & Treatment Machine - Handpieces

Parameters of handpieces

Titanium handle amplitude: 80-100µm

Diametre of probe tip(liquid hole):  1mm

Diameter of outer shell: 32mm

Min dia of out shell end(for Cylindric): 4mm

4 types of probes for different kinds of wounds

  • spheric
  • cylindric
  • rectangular
  • trapezoidal


Frequency:  40-42kHz

Total length: 190mm
Working length: 30mm
Outer diameter of the end: 4mm
Weight: 440g
​​​​​​​Irrigation: Internal
Centralized energy, suitable for deep wound and server infected wound.


Frequency:  32.6-34kHz

Total length: 210mm
Working length: 45mm
Outer diameter of the end: 6mm
Weight: 450g
​​​​​​​Irrigation: Internal

With smooth surface for the effective neural protection, suitable for deep wound such as fistulous tract and subterranean passage which show rich neurovascular requiring accurate operation. The length of the needle could be customized.


Frequency:  40-42kHz

Total length: 190mm
Working length: 29mm
Outer diameter of the end: 6mm
Weight: 440g
​​​​​​​Irrigation: Internal 

Close to the wound surface, suitable for various shapes of shadow wound.


Frequency:  35-37kHz

Total length: 190mm
Working length: 29mm
Outer diameter of the end: 10mm wide, 4mm thick
Weight: 440g
​​​​​​​Irrigation: Internal 

Wound disposal of large area and with high efficiency, suitable for large area wound.

How to install the handle piece?

Sterilization of hand pieces

Sterilized by high temperature, high pressure, plasma or fumigation.

Step 1:  

Clean the surface

Step 2: 

Clean the surface

Step 3:  

Clean the inner pipe

Step 4: 

Dry the socket to prevent water go into connector

Step 5: 

Dry the handle

Step 6: 

Sterilization in sterilizer

The Material of Handpieces

  • The titanium alloy probe amplifies the mechanical vibration and transfers the acoustic energy into the tissue, via direct contact. 

  • Stainless steel applicable for the outer cover.

  • Titanium alloy and stainless steel feature in durable, high temperature tolerance, corrosion resistant, radioresistance and stable in performance.

  • Reusable: long service life

Installation of the ultrasonic wire

Step 1

 Align the red dot on the handle end and that on the ultrasonic wire. Insert in the end. 

Step 2

Lock the fastener. 

The fastener is pressed only when you need pull out the wire. Otherwise don't pull or press it to avoid the wire loose.

Handpiece core and shell


The quality guarantee period:  Half a year.

1. Quality problem in normal use within half a year, free repair or maintenance offered. Sea freight covered by us, but any other shipment methods chosen by customer, freight will be paid by customer.

2. With in half a year, for the following situation repair service will be offered on charge basis, with freight paid by customer:

- Damage caused by human error or irresistible natural reasons.

- Mulfunction or damage caused by improper operation.

- Mulfunction or damage caused by users to change, remold, disassemble, assemble, etc.

3. Over half a year to one year, problems in normal use will be repaired free. But freight covered by customer.

4. Over one year, repair or maintenance offered at charge basis, and freight covered by customers.

All the above service, the man-made damage or problems excluded.